Hank the frenchie! 10 month old french bulldog, board and train student - Brighton, MI

Hank the frenchie!

Hank presented to Einstein Dog Training with a need to learn some manners.  He pulled like crazy on the leash, had no off leash recall, and for lack of better explanation, could never settle down!  He was full speed all the time, and the owners didn't know how to channel his energy.  

At the start of Hank's stay, he was a typical high energy french bulldog.  With a couple days of structure and guidance, Hank quickly learned what was expected of him.  Soon thereafter, we were able to start introducing Hank to major distractions such as park training, and control around kids and other dogs.  

When Hank returned home, his owners wondered if he was tired because they couldn't believe he was able to remain in a sit/stay while the trainer talked with them!  Since then they've been to several group classes to continue working on his progress.  Hank walks on the leash without pulling, sits and stays on command, remains calm when meeting new people and dogs, and is overall much easier to live with.  His owners made the comment yesterday that Hank was able to stay on his place during dinner, and they were floored  with his self control!

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