Dock Diving with your dog

Cabin Fever?

We’ve had a couple nice days recently, which may have your dogs fooled, but we know better. It’s only February, we still have several weeks of winter.  This may be reeking havoc on your dog’s mental health! All you know is they need to get out, but you’re not sure where to take them. We may have an answer: go dock diving!

What is dock diving?

Dock diving is the premier sport of canine aquatics! If your dog likes the water, this sport is for you. There are several disciplines in this sport that your dog can run, jump, and splash into for a good time!  In the Big Air discipline of DockDogs, dogs are judged based on how far they jump into the pool from the end of the dock to the base of their tail.  This makes it fair for the little poodles that are jumping against the big labradors. 

My dog loves the water, could he do this?

Of course!  There are techniques that can be taught and learned in this sport, but the beauty of the game, is that any dog that loves water can come compete with little to no training.  As long as your dog jumps in without being pushed and is 6 months or older, he can compete at any competition.  

How can I get involved?

Michigan DockDogs is actively looking for new members to join their club!  If you’re looking for likeminded dog owners to spend time with, we encourage you to join. You’ll be included in club practices, events, BBQs, banquets, and more.  Joining the club is a great way to have year round mental and physical stimulation for your dog by practicing and competing in this family friendly sport. Practices are held throughout mid-Michigan at various locations. In the cold weather months, practices are held indoors at TNT Canine Swim Center in Midland, MI at their heated pool.  In summer months, practices are held outdoors at lakes and ponds, as well as Bark About in Shelby Township.  

When is the next event?

Michigan DockDogs is hosting their First Ever Fun Jump at TNT Canine Swim Center in Midland, MI on March 19th, 2017.  This event is open to the public to watch or try for the first time. Save by pre-registering for the event at, or register onsite for convenience.  For more information on the event, please visit Michigan DockDog’s website at, and click on the events page to direct you to the Fun Jump. 

What should I bring to an event?

You’ll want to bring snacks and water for you and your dog. A kennel for your dog to relax, and and a chair for you to sit in will be helpful for downtime.  Your dog will need something to retrieve from the pool, you can throw anything that floats, isn’t edible, doesn’t dissolve, and has never been alive. You’ll probably also want to bring something to dry your dog off, and dry clothes for you as well!  This sport is a lot of fun, but you’ll probably get wet!