January is National Dog Training month!

January is National Dog Training month! That means its time to stick to those New Years resolutions, and get your dog’s behavior in shape for the new year. Here are some great reasons to get training for your dog in 2018.


Did you get a new dog over the holidays? Want to have a longterm companion in your home? Your best option for keeping your pet its entire life is to set realistic expectations for you and your dog from the beginning. Making sure your dog is a well socialized member of society will keep your dog in your home for the long haul.


Think it’s cute when your puppy jumps up to get pet or picked up? Or tugs on your pants leg? It won’t be cute for long, once he’s strong and can knock over company. A well mannered dog will be accepted into public places, social gatherings, and be pleasant for company to be around. 


Do you trust your dog off leash? If the answer is no, your dog could be in serious danger. Not everyone has the goal of taking off leash romps in the woods, but everyone should have a reliable off leash recall of their dog. Accidents happen, and it’s very possible your dog could escape your house or yard. If you’re not able to call your dog back, he could get hit by a car, or be lost forever. It’s your responsibility to your dog to teach a reliable come command, even when off leash around distractions.


Is your dog easily distracted? Do you feel like new things are more important to him than you are? Training is incredibly important for relationship building. Getting your dog into an attention based program, will help build your relationship and teach him to filter out distractions. You can learn what motivates your dog, and how to communicate with him effectively. 

These are all great reasons to take advantage of National Dog Training month! If you have more questions, or would like to meet with a trainer to help start you on the path to success, please contact Einstein Dog Training today! We can help you and your dog make the most of 2018.