Board and Train Goldendoodle, "Percy"

Percy is a 7 month old golden doodle that came to us for basic training.  He was nervous, actually more like terrified, of things.  Not of people or noises, but of things such as car rides, stairs, doorways - you know, the things that usually excite most dogs.  

His owner started with private lessons.  After just one lesson she knew that this was a little tougher than she was prepared to fix.  So she decided to send Percy to our Boarding School doggy bootcamp program, where he would board and train for 10 days.  

Percy's first few days was a little rough for him.  When he was afraid, he would freeze and become stiff.  He wouldn't move his legs, his head, nothing.  Just freeze.  So we started by building a relationship with him, and working on some basics like coming when called and sit/stay.  Once we gained some ground with the basics, it was time to start working on the fear.

Our first major breakthrough for Percy, was coming through our side screen door onto the landing that went to the basement steps.  We were able to successfully get him through the door, and up and down the stairs.  Our next breakthrough came with getting him to place on a large patio chair, and turn around to jump off.  Then it was getting into his kennel and turning around.  The confidence just starting boiling over with this guy in all aspects!  All of a sudden he turned into a normal dog!  We knew it was in there, we just had to help him work through his paralyzing fear, and learn that these things were fun and not scary!  

Percy went home yesterday, and his mom brought him to his first group class last night.  They did amazing!  He walked in strutting like he owned the place!  Results like these are why we do what we do!