Picture your dog coming home after a short time with more control that you could have ever imagined. Even in just a few weeks!

Our Doggy Bootcamp programs are a great option for busy families that need immediate control of their dog, or families that have a behavior concern they haven't been able to master.  Our Boarding School programs lay a solid foundation of training, master loose leash walking, and often have off leash control in just over a week.  This program is great for all dogs, but offers a great jump start to dogs that need major behavior modification. Each Boarding School program includes follow-up Private Lessons, and unlimited Classroom Lessons.

Program Features:

  • Housing in a Trainer's Home, Feeding and Care
  • 50-100 Hours of Training with Multiple Trainers (depending on length of stay)
  • 1 Immediate Private In-Home Follow Up Lesson upon Return Home
  • 2 Additional Private One-on-One Lessons as Needed
  • 3 Month Unlimited Classroom Classes
  • Crate Training
  • Nuisance Behaviors (such as jumping, barking, door bolting)
  • Other Major Behaviors (aggression, fear, separation anxiety)

Additional Bonuses:

  • Interactive Online Study Site for Owners During Dog's Stay
  • Lifetime Phone Support

2 shih tzus at the end of their board and train program. They are heeling off leash, sitting and staying, coming when called, and best of all - they're potty trained (they came to us for improper elimination in the house)!  Board and Trains from Oxford, MI