Transform your dog in just a couple weeks!

“He’s a great dog, he just has a lot of energy and we haven’t had the time to really train him.”

At just over 2 years old, they had tried basic training when their dog was younger. They took him to puppy class, and even had a trainer come to their home, but he wasn’t calming down.  He knew his commands, it was whether he felt like listening to them or not.  He would gladly sit, down, even roll over for a treat in the kitchen. But if they asked him to do the same thing when on a walk, it was like he had no idea what they were saying. When company would come over, they’d have to put him away or he’d plow into guests. Even after they’d been there awhile, letting him out would immediately lead to him jumping and barking, which was unpleasant for everyone. Being a working family with two kids in sports, meant they didn’t have a lot of time to devote to working with him. However, if they had more control, they could actually take him to the sporting events, and everywhere they went! They just needed help getting started.

They decided sending him for doggy bootcamp was their best option. The commitment the first couple weeks of the training period is crucial to the dog’s success, so they decided to let the professionals start his foundation training. He came with us for a board and train period, and the owners’ responsibility was more maintenance rather than strict dedication when he returned, considering their busy schedule. He was polite on the leash, held his stay when people came over, and was an enjoyable companion to be around. 

This program is great for all dogs, but offers a great jump start to dogs that need advanced behavior modification, or for busy families that need more control. If you need immediate control of your dog, we can help. Contact us today to see what our soonest availability is for enrolling your dog in our Boarding School program. 

2 shih tzus at the end of their board and train program. They are heeling off leash, sitting and staying, coming when called, and best of all - they're potty trained (they came to us for improper elimination in the house)!  Board and Trains from Oxford, MI