Schizo jumping at Frankenmuth Dog Bowl

Schizo jumping at Frankenmuth Dog Bowl

Dock Diving

Do you have a dog that likes the water?  Then DockDogs might be the sport for you!  This high flying aquatic sport is a family friendly game that welcomes all ages and sizes of dogs.  

For more information on dock diving, or joining a club in Michigan, please visit  

You can also like and follow their facebook by visiting or email them at

Michigan DockDogs winter training seminar by Einstein Dog Training

With the dread of winter upon us, sometimes it's difficult to keep our dogs fit and mentally healthy in the cold weather months. Einstein Dog Training, together with Michigan DockDogs, are putting together a nutrition/exercise seminar to teach you some of the simple things you can be doing with your dog indoors to help keep them physically and mentally fit. 

The seminar will touch on several different areas of your dog's physical and mental health. All proceeds will go to Michigan DockDogs, a brand new dock diving club in Michigan that is currently seeking new members.

This mini seminar will include discussions on the following:


  • Proper body weight for a pet vs sporting dog
  • Taking weight off an overweight dog
  • Introduction to feeding a raw diet


  • Stationary exercises you can do at home to build muscle
  • Warm up and cool down during conditioning/exercising
  • Indoor exercising during the winter


  • What is it and how can I get involved?
  • How can I practice dock diving without water?

The mini-seminar will be held Sunday, January 22nd at 2pm.  It's open to everyone, whether you've done training with us or not. This seminar is not only for clients interested in getting into sports, this is for anyone that's hoping to learn more about eliminating some of your dog's energy at home as well as maintaining a healthy body weight for your dog. Cost is $50 for a working spot, and $30 for an auditing spot. If you're interested in signing up, please let us know ASAP. Working spots are limited.