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Is your dog's aggression running your life?

"You're our last hope."

We hear that a lot. Many dog owners enjoy being able to take leisurely walks with their dogs. But if yours is having aggression issues, relaxing in public may be out of the question. Or maybe the aggression is in your home, which makes day to day life difficult. 

We had a dog that came to us once, because his owner was dealing with dog aggression AND human aggression. They had been to multiple trainers, but the aggression was still uncontrollable. They had even heard from several trainers they should put him to sleep. They couldn't bear the thought of losing their beloved family member, since he was so wonderful for them at home.

He had no issue with all his obedience commands, it was the lack of control they had once a dog or person was around. The last straw was when he attacked their son's friend. He was muzzled and wearing a leash, and the middle school aged boy had been over for several hours playing videos games. The boy got up to use the bathroom, and the dog chased him down and punched him with the muzzle.

After an intense training period, a very consistent, dedicated owner, and lots of practice, the dog became trustworthy. Not only trustworthy with other dogs, but he learned how to socialize with people as well. The owners felt like we saved their home, their family, their dog. And of course, prevented the possible tragedy of their dog biting someone!

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Merlin is a young Australian Cattle Dog/Corgi mix that came to us for behavior modification. Merlin's owners have been battling with human aggression and dog aggression, and decided to get professional help after he bit one of them in a frenzy over another dog during a walk.