aggressive german shepherd

Dog Aggression Issues in Fenton, MI and Royal Oak, MI

Many dog owners enjoy being able to take leisurely walks with their pets. But if your dog is having aggression issues, relaxing in public may be out of the question. Or maybe the aggression is in your home, which makes day to day life difficult. So if you’re looking for an efficient way to resolve your dog aggression issues, Einstein Dog Training can help you with our behavioral training programs.

Professional Trainers Who Care

Identifying aggression in a dog is a complex process, as canines can display this behavior in many forms. Dog owners in Fenton, MI, Royal Oak, MI and the surrounding areas will benefit greatly from the professional and personal training from Einstein Dog Training. Our knowledgeable trainers are dedicated to producing results while helping owners improve their relationships with their beloved dogs.

Let us work on improving your dog’s behavior so that you can reap the benefits of pet ownership to the fullest extent. Call today for more information about our programs and services.

2 year Great Pyrenees with human and dog aggression. Abby came to us after attacking a neighbor dog she's always known, and being aggressive towards any new humans coming into her household. We teach Abby self control around people and dogs, and how to turn to us rather than to act on her aggressive impulses. Abby came to us from Fenton, MI.