Puppy Training Classes

“Our last puppy was so much easier to train, we are at a loss with this one!”

Raising three young boys between 9-14, they thought getting a puppy would be good idea. After just three weeks, they were at the end of the rope. The puppy was chasing the kids around nipping, making the youngest cry. The youngest was becoming afraid of him. 

Potty training meant finding all the places the puppy went after the fact. It might have been only once or twice a day, but it seemed like someone was ALWAYS stepping in dog poop.  In fact, Dad even shouted once that if he stepped in one more pile he was going to send the dog away!

And chewing?  Boy could that dog chew.  He was small, but he could get the laces torn out of shoes in a heartbeat.  He even pulled up the edges of the carpet.  The family estimated that he’d done $1500 in damage in the three weeks they had him! They tried kennel training, but he barked and howled all day. The neighbors complained about the nuisance barking, and it wasn't any better when they were home. He barked all night and no one got any sleep.

It all just seemed to be too much! So they called us.  They got into a group class and learned how to manage these behaviors.

Check out our group class schedule, read a little more about the AKC STAR Puppy class, and register for the next class. You can do it all right here.

Do you want a well behaved adult dog? Puppy training is a great place to start. Register for the next group class near you.

Class Schedule:

Premier Pet Supply, Beverly Hills - Saturday, October 19 at 10am

Premier Pet Supply, West Bloomfield - Sunday, September 29 at 10:30am

Pet Beastro, Madison Heights - Thursday, September 19 at 6pm FULL

Pet Beastro, Madison Heights - Thursday, October 31 at 6pm

Einstein Dog Training, Fenton - Wednesday, September 25 at 6pm FULL

Einstein Dog Training, Fenton - Wednesday, November 6 at 6pm

Einstein Dog Training, Fenton - Friday, October 25 at 10a

AKC STAR Puppy Class (Group Class)

Now holding group puppy classes at multiple locations!  Please specify which location you're registering for when choosing a puppy class to sign up for. 

Please check the Class Schedule above for availability. Class is 6 weeks in length, and is open to puppies under 6 months of age.  The class teaches basic socialization, manners, and training skills.  This is a great introduction class for new puppy owners, teaching the basics of responsible puppy ownership, as well as conquering nuisance puppy behaviors and instilling a solid foundation of pre-canine good citizen skills.  Puppies will be awarded a medal and certificate from the AKC upon completion of the class. Pre-registration is required.  Payment can be made the first night of class. Puppies do not need AKC affiliation to participate in the class. 

For more information on the AKC STAR Puppy Class, or to register for this class, please click the buttons that read What is STAR Puppy? or Register For This Class.

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