See what our clients are saying about our training programs

For those who are looking for a trainer, I have had the pleasure of working with Dan and Rachael for over 3 years. They have helped me work with 4 of my personal pets. As a veterinarian I did not hesitate to recommend them for basic training, but more importantly for difficult behavioral problems.
I think what sets Dan and Rachael apart from the other trainers I have been involved with is their compassion and consistency to help clients with their pets so that they can be an enjoyable part of the family. In addition, they also have a broad understanding and knowledge of animal behavior and training.
Dan and Rachael’s compassion and dedication is exemplified in that they would often provide personal attention to myself and clients to help with their pets’ unique problems. They not only emphasized the theory of “their” training program, but also incorporated other tools such as food and toy reinforcement as well as training collars and leashes. Both Dan and Rachael’s knowledge and compassion does not stop with training. They are both avid participants in dog related activities such as Rally and Flyball competition.
I truly believe both Dan and Rachael can provide a broad range of expertise in training pets and would be helpful to anyone that is interested in having a well socialized and trained family pet.
— Dr. Mark H. Claus, South Shores Animal Hospital, Las Vegas, NV
Rachel and Dan have been great with our dog Isis! I highly recommend them to anyone that is looking to train their dog in any way!
— Tina Knapp, Howell, MI
Rachel and Dan did an amazing job with our 10 ft tall chiahuah mix :-). We enrolled him in the 10 day boarding school program and were seriously impressed with the things he learned during this short time. Their follow up support has been awesome. We are attending the follow up classes included now for the training we needed all along. Makes for a happier family :-)
— Cindy LaMarre, Frankenmuth, MI
WE LOVE THEM!!!! They have been with us every step of the way. Our family brought home a four year old shepherd named Jack from a shelter. They have been available right from the start helping correct behaviors that needed work. It is amazing how well Jack has been doing. He still has more to learn but we are confident we are going to meet our goals with Einstein here helping us!! I can’t recommend them enough. VERY professional! Always available to answer any question we have with training. Have I mentioned we LOVE training with Einstein? :)
— Greg & Rebecca Ruppert, Fenton, MI
We are so happy we found Einstein Dog Training. We have a 85 lb Doberman who was a very energetic puppy. She would knock the kids down coming in and out of the house, she was afraid of cars after getting hit as a puppy, she pulled on her leash and barked at the neighbors while running the property line after them.

With just a few sessions with Dan and Rachel’s company - Willow no longer barks at the neighbors (and they’ve commented how amazed they are), she is excited about car rides, my 3 year old can walk her on a leash and she sits before coming or going into the house and no longer knocks the kids down. She still has all her puppy energy, but it’s redirected into training. an hour of running can’t exhaust her they way 30 minutes of training can!

I can’t recommend this company enough. Whatever issue your dealing with, trust me.. they CAN help!
— Kelly Drake, Hartland, MI
Dan and Rachel are great with my very challenging fearful white German shepherd!!
— Amanda OMalley, Sterling Heights, MI
We have just loved training our Sophie with Einstein Dog training. The private lessons at our home were fantastic, as well as the group training classes. Thank you Rachael and Dan!
— Kristen & Chris Soderberg, Howell, MI
Love, love, love Einstein Dog Training. We had adopted a shelter dog which we later discovered had bad separation anxiety. The dog was tearing up the house and terrorizing our cats. He broke out of his crate which really made us worry that he would hurt himself. We were to the point of discussing if we needed to get rid of him but we turned to Einstein Dog Training as a last resort.
The training was very personalized to meet our needs. Dan came to our house to work with our dog. He worked with us on many things, including crate anxiety and how to exercise him on a treadmill. Dan even went for a walk around the neighborhood with us to teach us how to walk him so he was not pulling/running.
Our dog is doing great now and doesn’t chase our cats anymore!
I would highly recommend Einstein Dog Training. They exceeded my expectations!
— Kelli & Drake Shaver, Grand Blanc, MI
Absolutely amazing! We’re especially thankful for the endless help and support as we learn how to do our part with Juliet’s training. Seeing the progress she has made in the past month has been awesome. Before we began training, I was afraid to have anyone come to our apartment because of my dog’s fear of strangers and her incessant barking. A few days ago, we had people in our apartment, and using new skills we’ve learned in lessons & classes, Juliet calmed down in just a couple of minutes. That would have been unheard of a few weeks ago. Every week we look forward to coming to group class and can’t wait to see how she will continue to learn and improve! :)
— Katie DeRees, Fenton, MI