....You Contact Us:

If you leave a voicemail or send an email, expect a follow up response within 24 hours.  Phone calls are typically made during normal business hours, between 10a and 6p.  If you call on a weekend or after hours, expect a call the next business day.  Phone calls are not often made during the weekend.  Appointments are available evenings and weekends, but we're not always available by phone during that time. Phone calls come in 24 hours a day, and we don't have someone to answer calls around the clock.  We will respond as soon as possible!  You may not get the same person every time you call, so be sure to identify yourself and your reason for calling in any voicemail or text message.  

The first step in our training program is to schedule a consultation (unless you have a puppy under 6 months of age, then we discuss puppy training over the phone/email).  We will give you details on the consultation during our phone/email communication, and schedule a time that works for you.  We have availability 7 days/week, our early appointments are 10a and late appointments are 7p.  

...You Schedule a Consult:

If you schedule a consult at our facility, expect a text confirmation the morning of your appointment.  If you're unable to make your appointment for any reason, please contact us immediately.  We do not staff our facility, we  send trainers into the facility to meet with you at your scheduled time.  Please take note of our 24 hour cancellation policy. When you arrive at our facility, this is your first step to having a well behaved member of society!  Please keep your dog on a leash and under control.  Please do not allow your dog on our furniture, or off leash to run around.  We do have kennels at our facility if your dog is too much for you to control while you're talking to the trainer and you can't focus - just let us know if you'd like to utilize one. 

If you schedule an in home consultation, we will not confirm your appointment unless you request we do so. Expect the trainer to show up on time; we will call if we're running late.  Our trainers do their best to be on time to every scheduled appointment, but due to previous appointments taking longer than expected (owner questions, dog difficulty, etc), traffic, or weather conditions, they get behind schedule from time to time. 

If you schedule a live video consultation, please make sure you've sent in videos of your dog's negative behavior that you're concerned with. Please make sure you've provided the phone number for FaceTime, or user name for Skype, and that you're ready when we call you at the scheduled time. 

At the consultation, you can expect to discuss your problems and goals, learn from the trainer about our program and methods, and have a recommendation made for you based on the consult for a training regimen. Any and all questions can be answered at this time, but you can always call after your consult to ask questions if you forgot to ask something. The trainer will email you a consultation sheet, which will give you an overview of our discussion, and your recommendation for a training program. 

If your dog is aggressive, please have your dog properly restrained.  Proper restraint depends on your control of your dog, and the severity of the issues.  If your dog is reactive or fearful in any way, make sure to have your dog on a leash.  If your dog has a history of biting strangers, and you're not confident in your restraint, consider muzzling your dog for the trainer's safety.  The trainer will instruct you when its safe to take off the leash and/or muzzle.  If you don't think you can safely restrain your dog, you can also consider putting your dog in a kennel or another room until the trainer can instruct you how to safely bring your dog out to meet the trainer. 

....You Schedule Your First Lesson:

The trainer will meet with you either in home or in facility, to start your training program.  The trainer will begin by recapping what you discussed in the training consultation, and make sure your questions are answered.  You'll then begin by talking with the trainer, as they explain how they're going to structure your program.  Once you've spent time talking with the trainer about everything, you'll begin training with your dog.  The trainer will typically work with your dog first, then you'll work with your dog to make sure you can apply everything you've learned. The first lesson is primarily spent on introducing the training program at home, restructuring foundation, and setting basic in home expectations for your dog. The trainer will then give you homework, and schedule your next lesson. Follow up lessons are where we really put your dog to the test!

...You Schedule a Board and Train:

We'll start by scheduling pick up and drop off dates and times, and collecting your deposit to secure your stay.  When the trainer picks up your dog, you'll want to send a few things with your dog for his stay: enough food for the duration of the stay, vaccination records, a problem sheet (hand written or typed is fine, things you specifically want worked on during your dog's stay, feeding instructions, etc. to pass from trainer to trainer), and visible ID (tags).  Other items (such as beds, toys, leashes) can be sent, but aren't necessary. The trainer will have paperwork for you to fill out that includes emergency contact information and vet information. Your dog will spend the time between at least 2-3 different trainer homes, this gives your dog an opportunity to experience training by different handlers in different atmospheres, so the transition home is much easier.  He will travel with the trainer wherever the trainer goes: into other training lessons, group classes, into public, and in their home.  Your dog will not be left unattended at a training facility overnight, they're always with a trainer or in the trainer's home. All trainer vehicles are temperature controlled and monitored for safety during all seasons.  Dogs work on household manners, as well as car manners and manners in public during their stay.  They will also have exposure to other dogs and children during their stay.  Updates will be posted periodically on our Facebook page, and you're free to contact us at any time for updates during your dog's stay.  Following their board and train stay, expect an immediate follow up private lesson, and further instruction from the trainer at that time.  

...You Arrive at Your First Group Class:

Expect to walk in and be greeted by a trainer.  They will have given you instruction on group class at your last private lesson, but this should help work as a recap.  Remember what you worked on in your private lessons, and keep control of your dog as you approach the facility/park.  If it takes you a few minutes outside to get your dog to calm down, take as much time as you need.  You can also let a trainer know if you need help with your dog coming in.  When you walk into the classroom, you'll want to find a place to park your dog.  There is no visiting of other dogs at class, some dogs are working through behavior problems and need their space.  The trainer will take it from there, and you can be prepared to have fun!