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What you put into your pet's body is extremely important on many levels.  It's equally important for them to eat a healthy diet and get adequate exercise.  Those 2 things are a huge factor that contribute to dog behavior problems.  

To be sure you're feeding a good food, please visit and see how your food compares.  You should be feeding a 4 star food or better. 

There are many high quality dog foods available at your local pet store.  There's also a lot of information available regarding a raw diet.  If you have questions regarding the raw diet, research the Prey Model Raw Diet, or fee free to ask us questions! 

Where do I buy raw food?

There are a few resources to purchase a commercial raw dog food in Michigan.  If you would like to purchase in person, you can visit the Pet Beastro in Madison Heights, MI  They're the area's largest raw food supplier!  Visit their website at for more information.

If you have a big dog, or several dogs, you may want to consider buying in bulk.  Raw Dog Plus is a local supplier of Blue Ridge Beef, and can be ordered by visiting  They have local deliveries monthly.

Check out one of our nutrition seminars to learn more about the benefits of raw feeding, and proper body condition for pet dogs. 

More nutrition content will be added soon, so check back often!