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At Einstein Dog Training, our goal is to provide the most effective dog training program in the shortest amount of time, while building a better relationship with your dog.  We take a positive approach to dog training, offering private in home training, as well as group training, to maximize the results you can achieve with your dog. From puppy training to aggression training, we have the experience to help you with any problem.  

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Puppy Classes are now forming!

Are you struggling with your new puppy?  Time to start training!  We offer in home puppy training, as well as group puppy class to help your puppy grow into a well socialized, well behaved adult dog.  Puppy classes teach basic obedience, how to discourage nuisance behaviors, and offer a solid introduction to socialization with people and other dogs, all while building a relationship that will last a lifetime.

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Picture your life with the companion of your dreams: off leash control around distractions, dog that can travel with you safely, walk on a leash, and have control around other dogs and people.  Our doggy boot camp programs are designed to help you reach these goals, even with a busy schedule! Or help get a jump start on major behavior modification that you didn't think was possible.

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We hold group classes indoors and outdoors, in a controlled setting around other dogs, so you can get the maximum results while teaching your dog to be under control in the group environment. Dogs typically start our program with private lessons, and graduate to the group setting after the owner has control of their dog. 

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